søndag 30. september 2012

MuskOx at Dovre

This weekend of 28-30 September i am at  Dovre for a photo-workshop to take photos of Moskus Ox (Ovibos moschatus). Should be a fun experience and i might have to run out and by myself a telezoom 70-200m before my trip. I have a teleconverter so i can get up to 400m :)

Ok so i am back after a fantastic weekend from Dovre. Great people and fantastic Muskos Ox :) The blue berries in the photo is what makes the tongue of the Ox blue :)

                                                  Mess with me you mess with my family :)

 Bildet er tatt på Dovre i lyngen med makro :) 

                                         The berries that makes the Moskus Ox tongue blue

                                The leftover from a shoulder of a dead Moskus OX