Me,Myself & I

Hi :) 

I am a pieces born in Hamar which is about 2 hours drive from Oslo. I live in Jessheim with my husband, 2 children age 19 and 16 and our dog, Fenris :) 

My hobby is photography and the last 1.5 year i've learned so much about taking photos and have improved a great deal but still have a long way to go :) For vacations we have to try and squeeze in all our hobbies which is diving for my husband who spends his extra money on that while i end up buying photography gear hmmmm. Good thing we both have an expensive hobby so we can justify our spendings :)  

Travel is also important to me as well as trying new different flavours of food around the world. Some of my favorite foods are from the middle east. Arabic food is very nice :) Once i had some Korean food and it was very healthy and tasty. Would like to try some more of that one day..

I try to have a pure photo trip once a year to different destinations that interests me and that's why its important and convenient with friends who have the same interest as myself. First stop 2013 will be Tromsø the north of Norway for the Aurora Borealis then plans will be made from there... 

Well, i'll stop here since i don't want to bore you, but feel free to stop buy when ever you feel like it and comments are welcomed as well. 

Have a fabulous day :) 


- Life is like photography, we develop from the negatives

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