mandag 11. februar 2013

Mountains and Sea

Reindeer Race Tromsø 10.02.13

The Sami people have their national day on February 6 and this week in Tromsø there were plenty of things to see as well as the reindeer race. Last day of my week in Tromsø and before my flight i had the time to go and watch. Here are some photos from a fun day :)

torsdag 7. februar 2013

Heia & Storsteinnes, Balsfjord

 A windy place at Heia close to Takvatnet, Balsfjord.

 A windy place with Laavo in the background

Storsteinnes, Balsjord


On a windy day at Heia

mandag 4. februar 2013

A Starry Night

Oh! The intensity of a star.
How it can transport you far.
I hold my breath, with pure delight,
and go on gazing through the night!


A trip to Tromsø with a friend for a week with photography. We are looking for the Aurora Borealis :) and we did find some :)

They dance across the sky
Bright colors that whisk by
Scarlet reds, electric blues
Emerald greens, and other hues
To the left, and then unexpectedly right
Up and down, then out of sight
They suddenly spike and gently curve
The powerful deities they serve
Performing for them their spellbinding dance
As below the elk and caribou prance
Thought to be a foredooming omen
Of the dangers of war among men
Or young children’s spirits playing
Throwing walrus skulls, according to the saying
Freedom pure, beauty unimaginable
The source of many a wondrous fable
So when you get the chance
And you want to see lights dance
Rest your eyes on the spellbinding Aurora Borealis