fredag 5. august 2011


In August 2011 i went to Lebanon. I went to see an old school friend that i hadn't seen since 1991. Unfortunately she ended up with food poison when i got there so i only got to see her over a cup of tea in the evening the day before i was heading back to Norway. While i was in Beirut i walked around exploring the city in the heat. I bought and drank plenty of water so i would dehydrate ;) For some it wasn't as fun in the heat due to Ramadan :)

While walking around in Beirut i ended up getting lost, but after a lot of walking and checking my map i thought i was going in the right direction but how wrong i was about that. It turned out that the hotel and crossed off the wrong spot on the map so i was on the other side of town. After a lot of talking to different people to try and find my way and recognizing road signs i went in the direction i felt was right. Funny how one can communicate even with the lack of language hehe.. Anyways, here are some photos from my trip to Beirut, Anjar, Baalbeck, Ksara, Tyr, Sidon and Maghdouche.


Meet market. Hungry anyone ?

A building full of bullet holes 


A Beach in Beirut

Largest Palestinian Camp, Ain al-Hilweh meaning "sweet spring".


An old cinema in Beirut. Destroyed during the war

Mosque in Beirut

Room with a view

Fun in Beirut



Grapes from Ksara where they make their own wine. Yes, i tasted it :)

Largest stone in the world

From the bus on the road to Baalbeck


Lizard running free in Anjar

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